My name is Kim Sweeney, I am 23 and I have been studying in DCU for the past four years. I started in DCU studying common entry science and in my second year chose to specialise into analytical science. Throughout my 4 years in DCU I have been involved greatly in student life and I have really made the most out of my time here.  I’v been a class rep, been chairperson of a society, volunteered in Africa and went on trips abroad to name just a few. Our campus is a thriving community built on student engagement within clubs, societies and student life and there really is something for everyone here. This year I was elected as the President of the students’ union in DCU.  This is a full time role where I represent over 12000 DCU students both locally on campus and nationally.

As DCU’s students’ union president I would like to wish all the leaving cert students the best of luck on Wednesday. College years truly have been the best years of my life so far and I am jealous of anyone starting in September. Don’t worry if you don’t get your number one on your CAO I truly believe that what’s for you won’t pass you, it has worked for me so stay positive no matter what. You made it through the leaving cert and that’s an achievement in itself so if plan A does not work there is 25 more letters in the alphabet!

For anyone hoping to come to DCU don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.