Bridgewater’s Got Talent is a chance for the youth across Arklow to share their hidden singing talents! All youths aged 12 to 19 years are invited to participate in our search for Arklow’s best. So many of the community’s young people are incredibly talented, and we can’t wait to show our community just how amazing they are.

Do you have a singing talent? Can you play an instrument? Bring it on! We want to showcase the best and most interesting talents that our community across the region have to offer.

  • To enter, please email a video of at least 30 seconds long showcasing your singing to with the subject line of “Bridgewater’s Got Talent.”
  • Submissions will be separated into six different rounds.
  • Each round will have a small group of participants performing live at Bridgewater Shopping Centre each Saturday, commencing the 12th of February.
  • Part of each performance will then be posted on social media for a fair voting system, and the community can choose their favourites.
  • A weekly winner will be announced mid-week based on the number of votes.

The overall winner’s prize is a €300 Bridgewater giftcard, and €200 worth of music lessons (winners’ choice).