Named after Arknell, a fearsome 9th century Viking warrior leader. Arklow has a long and interesting history especially with the sea. First established as a settlement 2000 years ago and set around the estuary of the river Avoca, Arklow is one of the ports identified on Ptolemy’s 2nd century map of Britannia.

Arklow is half way between Dublin and Wexford and nestled at the foot of the Wicklow mountains, it is the perfect spot to be your base for exploring the beautiful countryside and fascinating towns of the South East of Ireland. Check out the video above, that is about Arklow to catch a glimpse of the town.

Arklow offers a range of accommodation from B&B to top class hotels. Situated on the east coast it provides easy access to some of the best beaches in Ireland.

In the town you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food, from traditional to Asian food, from sit down to takeaway. It has a selection of pubs and bars offering food, drink and entertainment.

Throughout the year, Arklow is host to many sporting and cultural events. Check out our calendar.
No visit to Arklow is complete without dropping into the Maritime Museum. Which has a great display of items about Arklow’s maritime past.

Make Arklow your home as you embark on your own immersive journey of discovery of 5,000 years of Europe’s history with Irelands Ancient East.

Things To Do In Arklow
Arklow is close to some great vistas
Arklow has some fantastic sports facilities

Arklow is home to a huge array of sports facilities and clubs and can even boast an Olympic gold medallist.

So whether you and your children are into football, running, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, tennis, badminton, rowing and lots more  Arklow has the facilities and the clubs for you.

Sports Clubs and Facilities

Arklow is home to a wide variety of cafes. Find your new favourite cafe today with this roundup of Arklow cafes.

A quick guide to all the cafés

Arklow has a rich musical heritage.  From singers to bands, from musical societies to choirs, from pipe bands to marching bands you will find something for every taste.

Arklow has produced chart topping artists and top performers on stage, even as far as the West End.

Arklow's Music And Arts Scene

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